Visionary iGaming releases new casino product

ViGAfter having a whale of a time in Copenhagen at the EiG including telling anyone who would listen that Sherlock Holmes was by far the best outfit for you this Halloween, Visionary iGaming are back in the news again today. As the leading provider of Live Dealer 2.0 games worldwide, you expect news every so often, and they haven’t disappointed.

Senior VP of marketing, Gian Perroni, used the EiG to announce to the hungover/still drunk/stone cold sober (delete as appropriate) the launch of a new casino product, Fairway Casino. The product joins the already well established Celtic Casino and Castle Casino in the Visionary iGaming family and will be a welcome addition to the group.

Themed on golf, this is something that excites Perroni, who must enjoy the odd afternoon on the course. He stated “Fairway Casino has branded their site as a bright and welcoming site, using a unique golf-theme that ties in well to their brand,”

“There are a lot of cross-over demographics and psychographics between the serious golfer and individuals looking for live dealer software. Both groups take their recreation time seriously, and a quality experience is extremely important.”

Any affiliates wishing to sign up can enjoy a 33% revenue share service, utilizing the deal with Income Access. It doesn’t promise to improve your handicap on the golf course though.