Vegas Casinos under fire for weak bathroom security

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Lately, Vegas casinos are taking a lot of heat for a lack of bathroom security. The scrutiny stems from past cases and present cases where casino patrons have been robbed while in a casino bathroom and security either failed to respond or responded too late.

The most notable case happened when Scott Montgomery was robbed at knife point in the Bellagio. Montgomery criticized the security for its slow response via twitter, and mentioned that they didn’t even ask him to review security camera footage, indicating security wasn’t too concerned about catching the culprit.

The most recent case may change the way bathrooms are monitored in Las Vegas moving forward. A man was shot and killed during a botched robbery at the Opera House Casino bathroom. Police have since apprehended the suspect Stefon Clark, who had been making a killing, so to speak, on robbing patrons in the bathroom.

First off all, Vegas casino security is usually and has been historically solid, there’s not much you can get away with, at least not on the casino floor, let’s remember that before calling for wholesale changes. Second, there definitely should be a concern if people are able to get guns into the casino. Guns and millions of dollars and unsuspecting patrons generally aren’t a good mix. Lastly, while there certainly should be beefed up security in and around the bathroom areas of casinos moving forward, it’s understandable why there hasn’t been in the past. Casinos try and make customers feel as comfortable as possible and sometimes excessive amounts of security can make people uneasy. Prior to these events would anyone be surprised if complaints were filed from patron upset at being patted down every time they have to powder their noses or break the seal?

It’s now something to think about the next time you visit a bathroom in a Vegas Casino. No longer is the unwritten man-rule of keeping your eyes on your own prize in effect at the stalls. I might even carry a golf tee or two in my socks just in cast shit pops off. Can’t a man go to the bathroom in peace?


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