Which Nevada do the voters want to live in?

It’s been a nasty race between Harry Reid and Sharron Angle in Nevada and were just a few days away from seeing who will come out on top.

Since July Reid has been trailing Angle according to the Rasmussen Reports polls. Recent polls have Angle in the lead at 19% to Reid’s 45%, which is around the margin Angle has held over Reid for the past few months. But Reid, as you knew he would, has saved a big punch for the later rounds.

The question posted by a recent Harry Reid political ad simply asked, “Do you want to Live in Sharron Angle’s Nevada”? Reid has to be hoping that voters don’t take a moment to really ask the same question about Harry Reid’s Nevada because in Harry Reid’s Nevada thus far, unemployment is at an all time high, Obama’s Democratic policies aren’t appreciated by many as is Reid’s role as a leading enabler of those policies, so Reid definitely has his own issues.

But this ad, “Do you want to Live in Sharron Angle’s Nevada”? is classic, it’s the type of ad that makes you realize why you love the drama of American politics. Reid asks the question and he answers it alright, with video showing a place with no background checks for sex offenders working with kids, no Social Security, no mandates that insurance companies cover cancer tests, no City Center, and no Senator who thinks it’s in her job description to create jobs, the video answers the question with a resounding NO. Check it out here.