Urine the money at land-based casinos

Land-Based-Casinos-UrineThere’s a new entry over at Listverse.com of 10 Bizarre or Memorable Casino Experiences, purportedly written by a guy who worked security at a land-based casino for a number of years. It’s worth reading, if only for the comparative relief you will feel for choosing to gamble online from the comfort (and sanitary safety) of your own home.

Leaving aside the story of the ‘man dance’ between two blokes copulating in a washroom cubicle, or the little old lady who thought little racist men lived inside slot machines, the dominant theme of the top-10 list involves people being unable (or unwilling) to control their pubococcygeus muscles (look it up).

Seriously, with subheadings like I Couldn’t Wait, That Isn’t Rain and (our fave) Pissing Bandit, it seems there’s something about the proximity of a land-based casino that causes one to disregard social norms vis à vis the elimination of waste fluids from one’s body. Seriously, if you really needed more encouragement to do your gambling from home, perusing this list should do the trick.