The year of the domain names continues

sex.comDomain names are the lifeblood of the Internet. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to get on to sites. As a result, serious money is spent on acquiring them. Earlier this year the Bodog brand illustrated their importance by paying out the best part of £4million for the domain. Someone’s gone one better though.

As far as iGaming goes people take a lot of pleasure from it. The latest domain name acquisition is likely to give people a lot more pleasure than ever will though. was put up for auction back in July and now it looks as though it will change hands for $13m (£8.2m). This is less than the $14m it changed hands for back in the sex mad days of 2006.

The domain itself has had quite the history after originally being bought by founder Gary Kremen in 1994. Kremen had it taken off him by a conman in 1996, eventually being the man who sold it on in 2006.

So far it hasn’t been announced what the domain will be used for. I’m guessing it will be something to do with fornication though, or maybe a online baking selling plenty of buns. Who knows?