South Carolina poker appeal hearing beginning today

texasholdemAs far as poker in South Carolina is concerned today is the day. It may look like any other Tuesday to you and me but the state’s Supreme Court today reconvenes regarding poker and whether it’s a game of skill or luck. Despite the court case beginning four years ago, a final decision could still be a number of months away.

A poker game in Mount Pleasant (or even Pleasure if you’re supporting poker) is where it all started and the poker as skill camp looked like it was winning after a Charlestown judge passed down a ruling that this was in fact right. Now we have the camp that is used to getting its own way all the time otherwise a tantrum will ensure: poker as a game of chance.

The whole case is centered around the Texas Hold ‘em variation of poker, Circuit Judge Markly Dennis stating that the game is more down to “the relative skill of the player” than any other factor. “A more skilled player will consistently beat a less skilled player, and a player’s skill can be improved over time through study and practice,” he added.

SC Attorney Henry McMaster is the kid throwing his toys out the pram, therefore leading the appeal against the skill camp.

“In the General Assembly’s view, the ills resulting from games played for money does not depend upon the particular game or the nature in which it was played,” he said.

Although the final decision is still far off, at least it’s something. Remember they eventually let women have the vote and them coloured folk ride where they want on the bus.