Online Gaming getting spooky

In preparation for Halloween, online gaming operators are shelling out Halloween themed games hoping to attract users and gamers. The theory behind the campaign is simple, people are more likely to play games that have themes that coincide with the season.

I wasn’t aware that Halloween actually had a season, I always thought it was just the one day of the year where every girl put on a slutty costume. Actually, Halloween is widely accepted to be the second largest decorating holiday after Christmas. Halloween is estimated to be a $5-billion industry globally, which includes parties, costumes, gifts and online games.

Of course, online gambling sites can’t start marketing to trick or treating kids, but the seasonal theme isn’t lost on adults who can legally gamble. There’s money to be made by capitalizing on such a celebrated theme. In the online gaming industry, Of the over $15-billion gaming market worldwide, the super popular seasonal based games like Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and New Year account for close to 10 per cent of that multi billion dollar pie. Certainly online gambling operators can go ahead and get their slice of some of that pie.

Not everyone will be out trick or treating, or turning tricks…Not everyone will be able to make it to the Halloween parties, but that doesn’t mean online casino operators can’t find ways to make a profit by offering Halloween games to help people get into the spirit of the season. It’s time for online gambling operators to get spooky.