Betshop back on the market

A case of cold feet…Unable to reach definite terms of sale with Spain’s Grupo Pefaco SL for the sale of Betshop, Leisure & Gaming have put Betshop their betting and gaming subsidiary back on the market.

Although talks continue between Leisure & Gaming it doesn’t look like a deal is going to get done. And like a disgruntled girlfriend, Leisure and Gaming is ready to see other interested parties. Time is of the essence, the company needs the money, and creditors have their hands out, just last week the company’s bankers issued a demand for repayment.

The situation is getting tenuous, and these issues will be brought before a group of likley, unhappy shareholders in the company’s general meeting this week. If you’re thinking takeover, hold that thought, the company has maintained that that it is only in discussions regarding the sale of Betshop, and is not entertaining any offers for the Leisure and Gaming company…At least for the moment it seems.