Entraction cans deal


The online gaming software developer Entraction has had enough of the shenanigans. The company has announced that its Entraction Network Limited subsidiary has effective kicked to the curb like an angry girlfriend. Entraction decided to terminate an agreement with poker site due to as they termed it, ‘repeated’ breaches of its ‘rules’.

Part of the deal when you jump in bed with Entraction is you’re contractually obliged to obey the network’s rules. It seems has a little trouble following directions and an authority complex. Entraction has expressed that had basically ran their operations in blatant breach of network rules and even continued to blatantly do so,  despite what Entraction terms as “multiple attempts to make it comply.”

Sounds like a bad case of ADHD? Either way, Entraction had enough of it. And understandably so, without rules there’d be chaos right? I mean, a general rule of thumb is that if the rules aren’t bent, don’t bend them. But there’s more to this cat and mouse story… side of the story is that it had already terminated its agreement with Entraction back in July, right before it inked a deal with another network in the beginning of August. According to, like a jealous girlfriend,

“Entraction reacted badly to the news and did commit a severe and intentional breach of contract when it went ahead and banned our players from playing on its software…Naturally, we will have our solicitors contacting Entraction to see if this matter has to be resolved in court,” said Fredrik Rahnasto, Managing Director for

It doesn’t look like these two can just kiss and makeup and forget about the whole thing.


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