Only two dozen survivors at EPT London

Two-Dozen-EPT-SurvivorsDay 3 of the 2010 EPT London, the largest ever live poker tourney in UK history, began with 128 players, but like one of those World War I regiments that went over the top and dutifully marched across No Man’s Land toward the German machine guns, only a couple dozen warriors answered that evening’s roll call.

David Vamplew was the chip leader at the start of the day’s action, and despite falling behind during the day, rebounded to finish in the #3 spot. The current chip leader, and the only player over 2M, is the aptly named Chance Kornuth, with 2.3M, followed by Per Ummer at 1.763M and Vamplew at 1.719M. Also still alive is Joe Hachem, for whom a potential Triple Crown (WSOP, WPT and EPT title win) is still a possibility, although he’s currently #15 with 855K chips.

Meanwhile, the action continues in London, with three tables of eight being reduced to a single table by the end of Day 4, which gets underway Sunday at noon (local time).