Hollywood Casino Perryville sneaks opening

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Quick before the protesters get here! Three whole days ahead of schedule, the Hollywood Casino Perryville quietly opened its doors and ushered gamblers in.

The Hollywood Casino Perryville is Maryland’s first casino, it is equipped with some 1,500 brand new slot machines inside. The opening of the Casino Perryville in Maryland has given Maryland a leg up on the competition but it has also thrown the state into one of the most competitive industries where standing still pretty much means being left behind. Already, with Delaware and West Virginia as rivals, the next question for Maryland is when does gambling expansion start and to what degree? But that’s a whole different can of worms and a topic that is guaranteed to be hotly debated and used as a political gambling chip.

The opening of the Hollywood Casino Perryville is doing one undeniable thing already, and that is it has created jobs in a struggling economy and as of today it has already begun putting money back into the state’s coffers. So why did they open ahead of schedule? When asked about it General Manager Himbert Sinopoli basically said, they opened early, because they could. Good enough reason for me and the hundreds of gamblers who get a head start without the Grand Opening rush. Let’s be honest, nobody likes waiting in line.


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