Dom Perignon and Faboujis Eggs: this is how they do it at EiG!

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EiG AccelerateDom Perignon, FABOUJIS EGG (Large egg shaped ice sculpture filled with 30 of your favourite Crackbaby Shots and topped with your choice of Champagne), the finest vodka and wine…that is just a sampling of what we were served at EiG Accelerate, and all the drinks were free.

This intimate networking event for EiG registered attendees, exhibitors, and media partners was not exactly hundreds of raging London based drunks, but rather a smaller group of raging drunks who were able to mix and mingle in a posh London venue completely free of charge. The Clarion team, hospitable and friendly, took good care of their guests and secured a VIP table with top shelf booze for those who remained at Boujis after the general public (also raging drunks) flooded into the venue. Thank you Clarion for breaking up the work week by organizing a nice night out, and thank you for your media sponsorship of EiG, my ticket to complimentary top shelf champagne and cocktails.

Checkout the Picture Gallery & Daf award from EiG Accelerate Party @ Boujis London.


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