Thoughts on writing content for the Internet

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Thoughts on writing content for the InternetWriting for the Internet and writing for print is very very different. There are so many things to keep in mind for optimizing content on-site. Gone are the days of ‘keyword density’ and stuffing title tags with keywords. The Google Algorithms are getting a lot “smarter” and they can see right through entry level optimization techniques. Semantic fields, i.e. language related to the keywords you’re targeting, are now more important than just stuffing keywords everywhere.

Being an SEO for any organization is a constant struggle for communicating what and how content needs to be added to the website. One of the things I like to do to help content writers understand the value of writing differently for the Internet is by taking a piece of content that they have added to the website. Looking at the title and overall topic of the post and signing into a proxy and doing some searches for related keywords. If their article is not on the 1st page, they have to make some changes to the content (assuming the website architecture itself is correct and inbound links to the article and website exist). Basically what I do is show them how their content gets found, how to increase the likelihood of eyeballs reaching it and where to make the changes. Real world examples like this help to build an understanding and confidence in writers creating content specifically for online consumption.

In an era where digital content is getting created at light-speed, it is always wise to choose your topics precisely and use keywords and images (named correctly) to support the overall topic of the content. Linking to high authority posts (both on-site and off) related to the topic of the article you are writing will help the end user to find the most value in the content. This is my personal favorite example of link-bait, quality content that answers a question or solves a problem. Take time to research content related to your post, going to the top of the origin totem pole so you link to the first instance of the content online.

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