British Open: Lefty and Woodsy Props

We talk about it almost in every tournament Phil Mickelson has entered this year. The whole bit about how this could be the tournament that he takes over the No. 1 golfer in the world song and dance is getting old. Mickelson hasn’t been able to get the job done. And Mickelson fans should be too optimistic about him getting the job done at the British Open. The British Open and the St Andrews course is a place where Lefty has historically had his struggles. Mickelson has never won the British Open, but he’s certainly hoping this year will be different. Read more.

If you’re feeling as lucky as Phil, lucky enough to bet on him it will comfort you to know that he had some extra practice on the course. But according to Bodog’s odds, he’s still at 16/1 to be the first round leader. Read more.

Tiger Woods on the other hand, has always loved playing at the British Open. It was the course in which he completed the Grand Slam. Woods style of play is perfect for the course and it could be tournament that gets him back in the winners circle. Of course Woods will have to deal with the pesky British media which has been asking him about everything under the sun aside from the color of underwear he’s wearing or what kind of toothpaste he uses, which has made his media days a bit of a testy showdown. Perhaps they’re saving the more introspective questions for after the first round.

Woods is the favorite heading into the British Open. He’s ditched his old putter like Swedish wife and now he’s going with the Nike putter which is plays a little faster, much like the past women in Woodsy’s “past” scandalous life. Woods has a great opportunity to shove it in the face of all his critics with a win. There’s so much hoopla around this British Open, and golf can thank only one man for that, Tiger Woods. He put golf on the global stage and everyone benefits when the Tiger is on the prowl for a championship. Bodog has plethora of prop options for bettors who are Tiger crazy, and safe to say, there’s many of them, heck, I’m one of them. I’ll be betting for Tiger to lead this from start to finish as a prop wager. The more Tiger options a sportsbook can offer bettors the better.