Phil Gordon Wins Ante Up For Africa

Africa has a new Black Star who is neither from Ghana, nor is he black, but in light of his charitable contribution following his Ante Up For Africa WSOP win, Phil Gordon is a star in all of our books. Read more.

Not that any charity or non profit organization is more important than another, but the Ante Up For Africa WSOP event is truly one of a kind. Founded by Don Cheadle, Annie Duke and Norman Epstein, Ante up For Africa has raised over $3M for Darfur since 2006 and remains dedicated to raising money and awareness for the millions of Africans in need, particularly those in Sudan and Darfur.

The people of Darfur are no strangers to immense suffering and genocide which has been inflicted upon them by the war criminal regime of Omar al-Bashir. Bashir has orchestrated the brutal killings of over 300,000 people and millions more have been driven from their homes into refugee camps of deplorable conditions. It’s heartbreaking situations like these and others in Africa that Ante Up For Africa has endeavored to provide humanitarian assistance towards in a effort to provide a permanent end to the social injustices and conflicts on the African continent.

Phil Gordon may be celebrating his 40th birthday on July 6, but after taking out the short stacked Shannon Elizabeth, for his first WSOP win, he’s the one who will be providing the greatest gift for Africans in strife. Phil has committed to dedicating his winnings totaling $129,086, to the Ante Up For Africa charity. Phil was very happy to finally win a WSOP event and surely he’ll be even happier at the positive impact his win and his donations will have on an entire continent. was on the scene for this awesome charitable event and the stars were definitely out, all playing, winning and losing for an incredible cause. Check out the Pics. Actress Shannon Elizabeth was the runner up in the event and she too dedicated her winnings totaling around $80K towards the Ante Up For Africa Charity.

Thanks to Phil Gordon and many others, Ante Up For Africa continues raise millions of dollars for charities like Refugees International, The Enough Project and Darfur Peace.

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