Irish bookies stung in elaborate betting coup

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Over 100 bookies are counting their losses after being stung by a coup in which a fleet of drivers were deployed around Ireland to each lay a bet on the same horse. Bookmakers have the right to turn down any bet – and a single €20,000 punt on D Four Dave would have either been refused or seen its odds compromised. Had the bets been placed at different times, or online, the bookies might also have had time to react by shortening the price, but as the drivers all responded to a synchronized watch alarm and placed their €165 (£200) bets simutaneously, there was nothing the layers could do. What I want to know is, how did Douglas Taylor, the proud owner of D Four Dave and a new €200,000 bank balance, know his horse was going to win? There must have been good reason for him to be sure, to be sure, to be sure… Read more.


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