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It’s never too tasteful to make light of murder, but sick humour comes as natural to humans as drinking and betting. So it comes as no surprise that a new expression is doing the rounds of online gambling forums.

This particular turn of phrase is morbid but inevitable, and largely works because Joran Van der Sloot was not only a nasty piece of work but so plain stupid he left the woman he killed in his own hotel room before checking out and just hoping that nobody would notice. At least he’s now enjoying the hospitality of the Peruvian prison service. In the meantime his actions have spawned the phrase, to Van der Sloot.

Phrase: to “Van der Sloot”:
Definition: When you get a girl so fucked up from drugs, alcohol and sex that she can’t leave your room for two days because she is lying in your bed as lifeless as a dead body.

Example 1: Lindsay Lohan got thrown off the set of her latest movie because she got Van der Slooted after a night out in LA and missed the first two days’ filming.

Example 2: I did my bollocks in Vegas. Had to spend an extra $2,000 because I Van der Slooted the stripper, who charged by the hour.


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