Orbis Technology changes name to OpenBet

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What’s in a name? Some people will tell you that the right name is worth shelling out £3.8m for over a pint and a bag of peanuts, others will tell you that changing your name will appeal more to the local market, like Victor Chandler, or should I say Mister Apuestas, and others still just feel that a change of identity and gender-specific clothing makes them feel sexy and carefree at the weekend.

Now it’s Orbis Technology’s turn for a makeover but rather than call itself Roxy, put on those frilly knickers and get its arse down to the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic Ciity on Tuesdays, it has opted to call itself OpenBet Ltd. Probably not as exciting I think you’ll agree, but I suppose it does what it says on the tin. Read more.


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