Malaysia mulls sports betting system to keep Muslims from self-harm

In Malaysia, opposition to the government’s green light to sports gambling has largely come from the anti-gambling Muslim community. Yes, that’s right, surprisingly there are extremist religious groups opposed to gambling for the evil it will spread to the the young, innocent and brainless. So plans are afoot to implement a system preventing Muslims from betting. “If you want to bet, you must give your IC and full name,” said government minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz. “If you are Muslim, then naturally you can’t place a bet.” What’s the betting the enforcement of said idea will lead to claims of religious persecution? It’s not fair that we are not allowed to bet, they will say, even though we don’t want to. Call me an extremist but how’s about this for a plan: legalise gambling and if you’re Muslim, exercise your own free will and don’t fucking bet. Read more.