VictoryPoker banned from ESPN coverage due to 1 tweet?!

I know I am a bit more liberal than most, but come on now, I think it’s time for a chill pill. I just spoke with Dan Fleyshman, CEO of Victory Poker, and he explained first hand the situation that he’s been dealing with for the past two days with Bluff Media, WSOP, and ESPN360 producer Joy Miller.

One of Dan’s Victory Poker pros, Dan Bilzerian, tweeted a Clint Eastwood joke, “A mexican, a jew and a colored fellow walk into a bar… The bartender looks up and says… Get the **** out of here”, and when Joy saw the tweet she went WILD, to say the least.

Joy Miller has threatened that all 20 of the Victory Poker pros will be banned from any ESPN coverage during the WSOP unless Dan Bilzerian gives a formal apology. In addition to this ridiculous threat, she has left a pretty nasty voice mail with Dan Bilzerian and has been cursing and berating Dan Fleyshman in person, by text and voice mail for the past two days.

Fleyshman CEO of Victory Poker stated: “If she just had a problem with Bilzerian it would be different, but to ban my whole team? I’m not defending his movie quote, but when Michael Vick got in trouble, the whole team didn’t go to jail- they’re still on CBS every Sunday playing football!”

This story has already made it’s way to the popular poker forum 2+2 and for the past 11 hours and it already has 13,000 views and 230 comments about how wrong this chick is. I’m certainly not racist, but this is just not right in my opinion. What do you think?