The secret lives of our Women In Gaming award nominees

There’s no question that online gambling is a testosterone-dominated industry. If one notices a female face at a gambling industry confab or soirée, she will often be clad in a bikini, Daisy Dukes, bodypaint, or even less.

But don’t let that fool you — there are plenty of women working in this industry who are no more expected to doff their clothing than any of the thousands of flabby, out of shape and over the hill bastards with whom they work. Now, a select few of these highly motivated, truly dedicated female professionals have been recognized with nominations in the International Women In Gaming (WIG) Awards, and we here at are doubly proud to report that two of this year’s nominees hail from our very own ranks.

Inspiration of the Year: REBECCA LIGGERO

As’s raving, er, roving reporter, Rebecca Liggero has blazed a ‘have camera, will interview’ trail that’s truly unprecedented in our industry, and has made quite a name for herself as a result. Another name people may recognize is Bodog Becky, but what people might not realize is that Becky is not Rebecca’s alter ego, but her twin sister. Essentially, they are the online gambling industry’s Olsen Twins, minus the virginity clocks and the several hundred million dollars in the bank.

That’s right. Rebecca and Becky are two totally separate, distinct individuals –- each one embodying a different half of the Work Hard/Play Hard ethos long espoused by one Calvin Ayre. To help you properly distinguish between the two, you should know that Rebecca is the one tracking down interviewees to ask them probing questions, while Becky tracks down bartenders to ask for shooters. Rebecca gets up at dawn, starts making calls, doing research and prepping for interviews. Becky stumbles back to the hotel at dawn, pausing only long enough to mumble the critical points of her evening to Rebecca and remove her strap-on before falling into bed and passing out, remaining there until sundown when Rebecca ‘punches out’ and Becky roars back to life.

Because they so completely epitomize this yin/yang tag-team paradigm, we feel it’s a bit unfair for Rebecca to be singled out for recognition with a WIG Award without some credit redirected Becky’s way. We hope that the nomination committee will recognize that a write-in vote for Bodog Becky is a vote for Rebecca Liggero, and vice versa. If victorious, Rebecca has promised to share her award with Becky, and Becky has promised not to leave it on the floor of a black cab on her way home from a Soho nightclub.

Star of the Future: FAWN LABRIE

Fawn Labrie, CEO of NudeFishMedia (the company that produces, is up for Star of the Future, awarded to the woman ‘whose energy, ambition and generosity of spirit represents the positive future of the gambling industry’, and we can’t think of anyone who better embodies these qualities than our own dear Fawnzie. In terms of energy, Fawn has been working around the clock for over a year in order to whip into shape in time for its Alpha launch in Prague earlier this week. As for ambition, let’s just say Fawn won’t be satisfied until eclipses Facebook in popularity. Finally, when it comes to ‘generosity of spirit’, Fawn is the… um, Fawn is … she, uh… No. NO, dammit! No more of this. I’m not going to lie for you anymore, Fawn. The world needs to know what a sadistic, heartless monster you’ve become.

People, Fawn Labrie is the most fearsome tyrant the world has ever seen. Seriously, compared to Fawn, Atilla the Hun looks like Gandhi. One day she was all sweetness and light and ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ blah blah blah, and the next thing you know she just fucking snapped. Personally, I blame her flower-child parents and their militant vegetarian beliefs. Too much tofu for too long, is my guess.

Anyway, people like to talk about how ‘effective’ Fawn is. You wanna know why she’s so ‘effective’? She no longer simply instructs her staff to do things; she threatens us, our families and even our pets with grievous bodily harm if we fail to live up to her expectations. You probably think I’m being overly dramatic, that all team leaders lose their shit from time to time, but Fawn’s threats aren’t just empty talk. Once, we were in Viet Nam, and Fawn had her Blackberry stolen right out of her hand by some guy who whipped by on a scooter. Within 48 hours, Fawn had tracked the guy down with the help of a local crime boss, and… Oh God, the things Fawn did to this poor guy… The jumper cables and… Oh, God… Seriously, it was like something out of Hostel… So much blood… I didn’t stop throwing up for a week…

I realize that in issuing this warning, I have sealed my fate. But your timely actions could spare others from having to endure the same grisly demise that I now face. Please, for the love of God, vote for Fawn for Star of the Future. If she doesn’t win, the remaining staff members’ blood will be on YOUR hands.

For the full list of Women In Gaming award nominees, go here.