Video: APCW Perspectives Weekly, legal US online gambling a way off

J Todd of APCW Weekly and Bodog Becky
Telling it as it is
It’s been an eventful few days in the industry but what does the recent hearing at the House, Ways and Means Committee mean for online gambling? This excellent video by APCW Perspectives Weekly tells it as it is, socking it to Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte for taking money from the horseracing industry to exempt them from the UIGEA that he wrote and to Alabama Rep. Spencer Bachus for trotting out the 2004 cliché that egaming is “the crack cocaine of gambling”. Reporter J Todd, pictured here with Bodog Becky, also agrees with Calvin Ayre that the legalization and regulation of poker will happen – but not for donkey’s years. To check out the video view here.