22 Year Old Man Lead HS Basketball Team To State SHAMpionship

maninjailWhat are the odds that a 22 year old man would pose as a sophmore highschool basketball player? What are the odds that he wouldn’t be able to win the state championship despite being six years older than his competition? It would have been a more acceptable story if he actually had a hot tub time machine…

But as the story goes, a 22 year-old man who went by the alias Jerry Joseph joined the Texas Permian high school basketball team and lead the team to the state playoffs. It’s not even like he acted like a senior, he posed as 16-year old sophomore and dominated the competition before losing in the first round of the state championships. For his efforts, he was jailed on fraud charges. Read more.

If you’re not laughing right now, you should be. Not only did this guy play with a bunch of teenage, acne covered boys, but he didn’t even win. This man is redefining the definition of a loser. This is the story of man who couldn’t let it go. You only get one chance to do highschool, and there are many who wish they had a re-do and there are those who wake up in feverish sweats from nightmares of being back in highschool… but they probably got picked on.

Here’s what I’m thinking, was he chasing under-aged tail while he was there? He wouldn’t take it that far would he? But then again why not, if Mr. Joseph was willing to fake being sixteen to get a re-do, who knows what else he was trying to re-do. Knowing what 22 year old man would know, he could have been like a bull in china shop. I guess there’s no question who was getting the alcohol for the parties. I wonder if he went to prom…again.

The worst part about this story isn’t that a 22 year old man posed as a ninth grader just to relive some high school basketball glory and chase adolescent tail. The worst part about this story is that the Permian high school basketball team may forfeit their entire season under league regulations for having an ineligible player. So all the hard work and effort those legitimate players put in may be lost, and they won’t get a re-do.