No, Canada! Pot crusader Emery to be extradited to U.S.

MarcEmeryMarijuana activist, Marc ‘the Prince of Pot’ Emery, is to be extradited to the U.S. for sentencing on charges of distributing marijuana seeds to U.S. citizens. Federal Conservative Justice Minister Rob Nicholson issued the order to extradite Emery, despite Canadian law enforcement’s utter lack of interest in pressing their own charges over the seed-selling issue, and despite the fact that the government essentially legitimized the practice by accepting over half a million dollars in income taxes that Emery paid via a decade’s worth of income tax returns in which he listed his occupation as “marijuana seed vendor.”

Canada has built a reputation over the decades as a tolerant society, but if its elected representatives can decide to just offer up one of its citizens like this as fresh meat for the grinder that is the draconian U.S. war on drugs… well, let’s just say that from this vantage point, the True North looks neither strong nor free. Read more.