Do The Red Sox Suck?

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She'll suck anything BoSox related

She'll suck anything BoSox related

A few years ago just pondering this question could get you bitch slapped I baseball circles. It almost feels weird asking this question, but do the Boston Red Sox actually suck? If you’ve been betting on them this season you’re probably screaming yes! These guys look comfortable losing to fucking anybody. I watched their rivals, the New York Yankees bend them over and pull their hair over the weekend and Boston never really even put up a fight. They don’t have the feared names in that batting lineup they once had and they are slipping in their division. Even the Bluejays have a better record and the Bluejays management isn’t even trying to win. Oh and the starting pitching for the Red Sox, horrible. Well, some see it a little more optimistically. Read more.


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