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ChinesePoliceOkay, it may just be a bad translation, but is anyone else a tad unnerved by the fact that when Chinese public security officials discuss their plans to crack down on online gambling operators, they use words like ‘rectification’? What’s even worse is when they refer to online gambling as ‘a new kind of derivative criminal activity’. (Ease up, dudes, we’re not Goldman Fucking Sachs, okay?) Anyway, officials are even identifying the evildoers by name, as evidenced by the title of the article translated below:

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Public Security Department of Hu’nan Province convened a video and telephone conference on special actions for province-wide concentrated rectification and control of such criminal activities as network gambling crimes. Mr. Zhang Chaowei, Deputy Director-General of the Provincial Public Security Department, made a speech at the conference, stressing three points:

1: We should fully realize the seriousness of and severe harm from the current network gambling crimes.

Network gambling is a new kind of derivative criminal activity during development of the Internet that bears the following features:
a) It spreads rapidly and covers a wide range. At present, there are over 2,700 local and overseas gambling websites which develop new members in our country. Participants include enterprise bosses, ordinary employees and even government officials and school students.
b) Overseas operation oriented towards domestic penetration. Most of the domestic network gambles are controlled by overseas gambling groups. Nearly all the famous international gambling groups have established Chinese-language gambling websites. Some have deployed staff to enter our country and develop new members. Some others even recruit domestic gambling groups to invest and share.
c) The bet is large and the harm is serious. Of Hu’nan Province alone, there is billions of capital drained into foreign countries every year in the form of network gambling, constituting great threat to the economic construction and order of the market economy.

2: Clarify the work objectives, highlight the work focuses and take solid efforts to implement all measures on rectification and control of network gambling.

Tasks for the special actions include severely cracking down such criminal activities as network gambling, concentrated investigation and handling of a batch of major cases, destroying a batch of gambling groups, seriously punishing a batch of law-breakers, and shutting off and stopping the network gambling capital flow and informative flow to the utmost extent. Greater efforts will be taken to crack down and ban a batch of illegal private banks and third-party payment processors which provide cash flow services to these gambling websites, rectify and control a batch of network operators who provide the gambling websites with information and access services, and clear up, shut up and stop gambling websites and information in an all-round way.

3: Strengthen the organization and leadership of the special actions and take concerted efforts to build up harmonious cooperation in all aspects.

The special actions comprise three stages: the first stage will end in April, focusing on cracking, rectification and control of network gambling. All regional departments concerned shall clear up, rectify and stop the gambling websites and network gambling information in an all-round way, and investigate and crack a batch of major cases. The second stage lasts from May to July with the focus on shutting up and stopping flow channels of the gambling websites. The third stage is August for serious conclusion of the special actions, and establishment and improvement of a long-term mechanism for cracking down, rectifying and controlling website gambling crimes.

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