Biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history? ‘Well, whatever.”

WhateverAs the SEC attempts to nail Goldman Sachs for its credit default swap shenanigans, the disgraced ex-CEO of former financial giant Lehman Brothers, Dick Fuld, appeared before a Congressional committee investigating his role in the biggest bankruptcy in U.S. history. Despite cheating investors and taxpayers out of hundreds of billions of dollars, Fuld’s response to whether his bank more resembled a gambling house was “…well, whatever.” How come David Carruthers, ex-CEO of BetOnSports, wasn’t allowed to dismiss the charges against himself by shrugging and saying “…well, whatever?” After all, up until his arrest, BetOnSports was a fully solvent company that paid its customers, unlike Lehman. Meanwhile, Carruthers languishes in prison, and Fuld is free to walk the streets. Hey, America… What gives? Read more.