ATTN CAC! The plan for getting smashed tonight

condomsHello to my fellow CAC Attendees (and free loaders who are here in Amsterdam staying at the Kras but refusing to buy a conference pass). As promised, I’m here to provide you with tonight’s plan for drinking…the good news is it’s nice and close to the Kras and the bad news is its the same f*cking thing we do every single night. Anyway, everyone is going to start at the Euro Pub (if you’re not there already) which is about 10 steps to the right of the Kras and stays open till 1am. Trust me on this, I checked with the bartender.

After Euro Pub, there is a 99.9999% chance we will walk about 100 steps down the street to the Players Club which is right across the street from the world famous Condomerie, which I certainly hope you’ve already been to. Players Club has pool tables, Rex Sox paraphernalia and closes at 3am so clearly it’s cool, and if you have no idea where it is, from the Kras, take an immediate right and it’s just a few blocks down the road.

Lastly, for all the information you need and more about day two of CAC Amsterdam, please tune in to CHANNEL 52 at the Kras to see the update from J Todd and I…in bed.

So go have your dinner, go smoke joints, eat a space cake, hire a hooker for all I care, but I better see you at Euro Pub or Players Bar later tonight!