News websites are right to remove poster anonymity

Bodog Becky: Bodog Becky: no anonymity, no problem
Bodog Becky: no anonymity, no problem

Apart from the access it provides to everything from free news, to online gaming to videos of ladies doing naughty things with kitchen utensils, one of the greatest things about the internet is the platform it provides for users to air their views. However, some news sites are planning to eradicate anonymity and give prominence to people who are prepared to use their real names in order to reduce unsuitable posts.

It’s a bold move but one which is necessary in these fast moving technological times. In the online gaming industry, one of the reasons’s forum management programme is so successful is because London-based Rebecca Liggero happily uses her name and face as well as her BodogBecky forum handle and has consequently become a well-known and respected figure within the industry.

The other major factor working for Rebecca is that she never promotes any of the offerings of any of the licensees. She just operates as a fact checker – so if she sees something that is not correct she posts the real information and her source for it. The last major reason this programme is so successful is that Rebecca’s other job as the main online gaming event reporter for our site enables her to get to know everyone in the industry, so she boasts the industry’s largest global network – and that’s a powerful trust factor in and of itself. The two jobs she has positively reinforce each other, giving this programme the highest level of trust and influence in the entire industry.

The attached article also describes why forums that do not stop people from writing memes or posts that are clearly not true are doomed to irrelevance themselves. In the future, just as posters will be ranked on trust by other posters, so will forums and posting boards themselves be judged on trust. So if your board is full of untrusted posts, that won’t say much about your board and will inevitably cause it to be marginalized as a source of information because of the lack of trust. Read more.