Winner takes all in New Hampshire, Massachusetts gambling race

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Don't miss out

Don't miss out

Remember that beautful girl at the dance. The one with those big, brown eyes, the long, brown hair, that pert little behind that swayed from side to side as walked to the other side of the hall after brushing gently, deliberately you’re sure, past you – the one who ended up copping off with Jason Matthews because you were too slow and chicken-shit to make your move? Ok, maybe that was just me. Either way, that is exactly the sort of horror show Massachusetts and New Hampshire are trying to avoid as they try to pass new gambling laws to legalize slots and casino games. The general consensus is, the first to pass the gambling bill will take it all; customer loyalty, market share, the hot brunette. The loser will be left drinking flat beer, missing the last bus and having to walk home with Billy ‘no mates’ Smalls. Read more.


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