FBI Probe Discovers NBA Has Been Fixing Games For Past Decade

JoeyCrawfordThe FBI has announced that it has found sufficient evidence that the NBA and commissioner David Stern have been fixing games for the past ten years. According to the report, veteran referee Joey Crawford had been acting as an FBI informant since wire taps on his home phone revealed evidence that Crawford among other referees had been linked to several gambling rings. Crawford told FBI agents that he and other referees were acting under David’s Stern’s orders to fix games to ensure that NBA superstars won championships. Perhaps the biggest bombshell in the story was that, David Stern ordered Kevin Garnett to sit out last year’s playoffs and fixed the rest of the playoff games to ensure the Lakers and Kobe Bryant would win the Championship. David Stern was unavailable for comment, but informants say Stern fixed games and received shares of profit from several gambling entities in Nevada and rich Laker supporters. Details of the probe indicated that Stern had planned for LeBron James to win the championship this year. Crawford maintains that the game fixing was never intended to hurt the integrity of the game, but served only to make the playoffs more exciting, because no one wanted to see San Antonio and Tim Duncan in the Finals ever again.