Favorite April Fools Pranks

aprilfoolsRemember that kid that used to duct tape other kids lockers in HS? Or put peanutbutter or dog crap on car door handles? Remember that guy that shit in a zip lock bag and put it under that other guy’s pillow? What about that jackass that thought it would be cool to put laxative in your chocolate milk, or that screwball that shaved “gay” into that poor kids head and thought it was funny. Well, it was funny, very funny.

There’s a prankster in everyone of us, some more so than others, but it’s there in everyone, somewhere. For some, it’s hidden in that deep dark and sickly place and for others it’s worn like cheerfully like snot on your sleeve. It is for this reason that one day has been devoted to mankind for the prankster and practical joker in all of us. Actually, it’s only half a day, I guess they figured if it lasted a full 24 the world would be chaos, and they’re right. But for that one half day, pranksters, jokesters, anarchists and assholes, it’s time to let your hair down and cut loose without fear of reproach.

Always one to support a good cause, here’s some fun pranks to pull on your peers, fellow employees or complete strangers…

Smut Attack- If one of your fellow employees is careless enough to leave his computer unlocked and unattended, April fools is the day to make him pay for his trust. Litter his screen with pure filth, anything from gay porn, snuff films to golden showers.
As an added touch, make sure to bring some office girls around just as he returns to his console. “Hey Jim, watcha working on”?

Breakfast Bomb- Offer to buy breakfast for your buddy, and fill his egg Mcmuffin with salt and sugar. See if he’s loving that.

Glitter Blitz- If it’s raining, one of my personal favorite things to do is to fill a friend’s umbrella with glitter sparkles. Once they get outside and open that bad boy up, they’ll look like a pussy cat doll. Be careful if he’s married, it’s a tough one explaining those sparkles to the wife and having to write it off as an April fools prank, when your coming home real late from work…smelling like beer. Doesn’t go over so well…

Classic Wrap- Take tin foil, suran wrap or duct tape, and find a victim’s desk and wrap the shit out of everything in it, around it and on it, wrap it real good, then sit back and laugh your ass off.

There’s so many pranks you can play on April Fools, the key is, if you’re going to play a prank on someone, put your heart into it so it goes well. Remember, there’s nothing worse than a bad prank, than a bad prank gone wrong. Here’s some pranks.