Top Five Things To Throw Money At

bodog-basketball-girlApart from strippers, wishing wells, and happy ending massages, here’s a top five list of some of the other things people will definitely be throwing some money at this week.

Throwing Money At…

March Madness Sweet Sixteen– This week is when it all goes down. 16 become 8 and 8 become four. Its already been one of the most exciting and shocking tournaments of all time, I don’t doubt that this week will be an encore performance. So many people lost money and had their brackets pillaged by the upsets of the first and second rounds, they certainly will be looking for redemption with their picks in this round. I know I will be.

UFC 111– There’s been a lot of smack talking from the likes of mouthpieces like Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy, my first guess is that GSP is going to put his fist where that mouth is and take home the money. But, then again, stranger things have happened and I have to admit, George St. Pierre is just too nice for my liking. Hardy, though I hate the cut of his jib, he’s got a bad attitude that I appreciate, but at the same time I’d like to see him get his ass kicked. Hmm, quite the conundrum. That’s what makes betting so fun. UFC 111 has other big names on the card including Muir and Carwin and Fitch and the Pitbull Alves, it should definitely be a good show. Read more.

American Idol– Yeah, I guess people still tune into this religiously, why, I’m not exactly sure, it’s lost its novelty for me, but somehow I still find myself following what’s going on. Looks like Miley Cyrus will be on the show as it takes on its pop theme. Odds are up on who will win it, but back to Miley Cyrus, am I the only one who thinks she’s not a virgin anymore? I’m just saying, doesn’t look as innocent as she should, to me anyways, maybe I’m just a sick fuck. Survey says… Yes, yes I am.

Celebrity Apprentice– If for no reason at all other than betting on this show would you tune in, then may I suggest tuning in to see the beautiful Selita Ebanks, the Victoria Secret model who is simply on fire. I’m picking her to win only because she’s fucking hot.


NBA Wednesday– Yeah baby, two great matchups, one featuring the Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets and the other a possible playoff matchup featuring Atlanta Hawks and the sizzling Orlando Magic. Two great games, that people will likely make even greater by throwing money at it, like me. And for the record, let me say that I don’t believe in Boston, even though Brian Scalabrine is my main man. I can’t be the only dude who feels like they could have been Scal if they got that second growth spurt in college.