Captains of industry? More like cancers on society

StoningFinancial services company Wachovia has been slapped with $160M in fines and penalties after officials admitted laundering millions of dollars for Mexican drug lords. New details have emerged about the demise of Lehman Brothers that reveal the company was essentially a giant Ponzi scheme. Goldman Sachs confessed to engaging in ‘improper’ behavior by pushing $40B worth of shit securities while simultaneously betting that those same securities would ultimately plummet in value.

As each dawn brings fresh revelations about the corrupt, venal and borderline sociopathic behavior of the former golden boys in the financial services industry, thousands of kids who once planned to get their MBAs are suddenly doing a collective rethink. After all, it would be kinda nice if there was one family member who didn’t object to sitting next to you at Thanksgiving dinner. Far better to join an industry that one could actually be proud to be part of, like say, online gambling. Just sayin’.