Cake Poker awards pot to losing hand

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Cake eating humble pie

Cake eating humble pie

When does a King high flush beat an Ace High flush? When you’re playing at Cake Poker, that’s when.

Fortunately the incident, in which the pot was incorrectly paid out to the losing player left no-one pennliess, as it took place at a $0.02/$0.04 NL cash table and handed over a pot of $5.72 to the wrong player.

But obviously, the Cake Poker Network has been left with egg on its face, flour down its jumper and sugar in its petrol tank amid serious reliability issues.

To add insult to injury the micro-stake players in question are also now in line for a windfall as CardRoom Manager Lee Jones had previously vowed to pay out $500 in compensation to any Cake Poker player who was mis-awarded a pot and could support their claim with their hand history.

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