Will Germs Promote Online Gambling?

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germsAfter the recent fiasco in North Carolina casino where hundreds of patrons became ill after coming in contact with a stomach virus, it prompts the question, will germs and viruses alike promote online gambling? Read more.

The whole debate seem nonsensical to me, but much has been written on the comparison between online casinos and online gambling versus on land casino gambling. When one considers the inherent differences its like comparing apples and oranges, basically which do you like more and which one suits your interest more, there’s no real clear cut winner. Both afford you entertainment and relaxation and both can consume your paycheck. But a new factor is emerging in our current world, and one need to only recall the media frenzy during the flu season to know where this is going.

In 2009 there was what was termed a flu pandemic in many parts of the world including a majority of North America. It would seem that everyone knows at least one or two people that contracted the H1N1 flu virus, sadly the virus was also responsible for several fatalities. It should be also noted, that people die from the flu every year regardless of whether it has a fancy name or not, this has been true for whatever. But fear is a powerful phenomena, and if people were to believe that their health was in danger in certain public areas, it could dictate the actions of many. Consider for instance that another flu pandemic broke out called H2N2 or some other letter combination. If like any other flu it can be spread in the typical, that is through respiratory droplets, then crowded public places and commonly touched surfaces would be areas and things to avoid. A casino is a crowded place, and unless you plan on wearing gloves, chances are you’re touching a surface that has been touched by thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people from pretty much anywhere.

If the fear mongering continues in regard to flu viruses among others, it could very reasonably affect the land casino industry population. Conversely, it could very well promote the online gambling industry. The point extends to reason why a person would risk potential health and harm to gamble in a casino when they can do so from the safe confines of their home or in the palm of their hand from anywhere with mobile technology. It is an interesting concept to consider given the world we live in. It definitely would be a sad day if it ever came to that, imagine, no more trips to Vegas because of fear of getting sick, it boggles the mind, but it could happen. During the flu pandemic people were already scrutinizing the places they ventured, who knows what’s next.

It’s worth noting, that personally, I never get a flu shot, because I don’t believe in that sort of thing and I tend to believe the flu preys on the weak and sickly. But what do I know? I haven’t had the flu since elementary school and I’m just a mouthy idiot writer who covers his mouth when he coughs and washes his freaking hands after he touches a toilet seat or any other public surface for that matter.


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