Skybook Sportsbook Resolves Player Payment Dispute, a popular sports betting forum and sportsbook watch dog website, has reported that Skybook Sportsbook finally resolved a long outstanding player payment dispute by paying the client in full.

On December 29th, 2009 said this in reference to the slow pay situation: “The situation below has been resolved. Paid in full.”

In my previous report on Skybook Sportsbook slow paying players, I mentioned that had received credible reports from a player that was being slow paid the entire football season.

In many cases the larger operators tend to pay off disputes even if they feel that they have a legitimate beef or claim to their position just to avoid any possibility of negative press. But at the same time, they go in and patch the hole that caused the dispute in the first place since most of these disputes arise from misinterpretations of their website’s TOS.

The web is a very effective medium to self police the industry, however sensible regulations to protect players would be welcomed by all legitimate operators I have spoken to about the subject.