Becky’s Bender: SBC Christmas Gathering

It has come to my attention that the Sports Betting Community (SBC) knows how to throw a real party. I wasn’t even there and I can tell you that everyone was shitfaced! How? Don’t even think about doubting my sources- my drunk English sports betting friends filled me in on allll the interesting details as soon they got home from the event- I pretty much knew everything as soon as it happened. This instant knowledge of mine is especially exciting for all of you because, guess what? Google search is now real time. Look out iGaming world, my bender posts and party pics just got a whole lot more accessible and juicy because the whole world can see them immediately. Mwahahahaahhaha.

Right, now back to the bender. This invite-only Christmas gathering took place at the Albannach Scottish bar in London’s Trafalgar square and was sponsored by Clarion, Every Matrix, Income Access, UGSpay and VeriSign, a group of sponsors that sure as hell got something right: free bar all night for all 160 attendees. Well done. In addition to free booze, there were some other prizes and discounts provided to the attendees (and SBC linkedIn group members), such as Clarion’s 15% discount on conference passes, an iPod Touch giveaway and VIP security cards. Nice touch guys, everyone loves free shit!

So who was there to claim these booze and prizes? The 160 attendees consisted of a predominantly male crowd (surprise, surprise) representing iGaming sports betting operators, service providers, payment processors, a few sports betting affiliates, but lets not forget the very “FIIIIIT” French waitresses. Bingo! Well done again.

While we all can recognize that fit French waitresses are an absolute iGaming party bonus, it’s important to mention that the igaming sports betting party is different than the “poncy casino shindig”, to use the exact words of one of my drunken sources. Why? Rather than prancing around a club with champagne and fruity vodka based cocktails, the “real men” of iGaming choose to drink copious amounts of beer while talking biz (which gets less and less understandable as the night goes on and on). They seem to think its way cooler than dancing on tables and stripping.

Cool as it may be, the purpose of this party was to bring together the sports betting community for “networking purposes”, but we all know it’s really about the free booze. I would say it’s a good sign that everyone was quite drunk along with the organizer himself, who, in fact, may have been the drunkest person of all at the SBC Christmas gathering. Yep. Rasmus was totally trollied. See, in England you can use any word to describe “drunk”. It’s fun! Try it in a sentence. “Rasmus was totally wellied last night”. Or, “Rasmus was so leathered last night that I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s still at the bar”.

I told ya, great party!

About Sports Betting Community
The Sports Betting Community (SBC) was founded by Rasmus Soejmark and a group of industry colleagues back in March 2009 with the aim to organize a social community gathering once every third month. In September 2009 Jake Pollard joined SBC as Content and Community Director. SBC will be soft launching a web site for sports betting affiliates and experts late December 2009, where SBC will update you with sports betting news from a range of sources; business, consumer, community-led and so on. SBC will also be looking for regular contributors to write about key topics in the sports betting sector, so pens at the ready to all budding writers in the SBC. Feel free to check back with SBC for more information about this.

The community has grown to more than 500 experts and strives to organize a social community gathering once every third month.