Diane Francis – Who Owns Canada Now

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Diane Francis

Diane Francis is an award-winning editor and columnist for Canada’s National Post; a bestselling author of eight books on a variety of socio-economic subjects, and a highly respected presence in the Canadian broadcasting community. Her latest book “Who Owns Canada Now” is a profile of Canada’s 75 billionaires, including yours truly. Though I have not lived in Canada for well over a decade, the Bodog operation does work with a lot of Canadian organizations and contributes greatly to the Canadian economy so this and my Canadian citizenship got me in the book.

I was interviewed some time ago for this book and since then we have licensed the Bodog brand to the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group of Kahnawake. They have run Bodog.com in North America since the UIGEA came into effect. The Bodog Brand is looking for additional licensees in hopes to continue to expand into Latin America and other global markets. The rest of my chapter of her book is amazingly accurate.

It’s a rare occasion for me when a journalist actually quotes me correctly and avoids engaging in sensationalism in their reporting. I think there are a number of publications and reporters who should be a bit embarrassed comparing their work covering the Bodog story to Diane’s. This is why Diane Francis is so well respected in the world of journalism. It’s a great book, and I’m honored to be a part of it.