Hendon Mob finishes with Full Tilt

Hendon Mob

Hendon MobThe Hendon Mob has ended its exclusive relationship with Full Tilt Poker as the former online poker giant loses another companion. One of the UK’s most respected poker institutions made the decision due to financial reasons and it comes as a hearing into the suspension of the poker site’s license continues “in camera” in London.

The full statement, released by the Hendon Mob, read as follows:

From today you will see some changes on the Hendon Mob website.
Like everyone else in poker we have taken a close interest in the development of recent months and we are saddened by the problems that continue to beset Full Tilt Poker.

The Hendon Mob were the first European players to sign up with FTP and this site has been a major affiliate. In the past five years, we have made many good friends amongst the Full Tilt staff, Red Pros and of course the growing Hendon Mob community who played with us on the site and supported our league. For all their sakes, and for the wider poker community, we would be delighted to see positive developments in the weeks and months ahead.

We are well aware that a great deal of players including many who signed through The Hendon Mob still have money on FTP, as well as steps tickets, player points etc. going forward, and in any scenario where Full Tilt Poker resumes trading, we will as an affiliate continue to look out for the interests of our players and to try to achieve the best possible outcome regarding their funds. We do not take the loyalty of our community for granted.

The Hendon Mob employs a sizable staff of full and part time people who are dedicated to maintaining and improving the database, the forum and everything else that the poker community expects from our website. We are currently running at a substantial loss and this is not sustainable in the long term.

We have therefore chosen, as well as ceasing to be Full Tilt Pros, to end The Hendon Mob.com’s exclusive relationship with Full Tilt Poker. This frees us for new opportunities, both as a website and as players and we look forward to an exciting future that we hope you will all be a part of.

The Mob was one of the first sites to associate with FTP and used money from a sponsorship deal to set up the extensive database that now exists. After the original ruling back in June banners were removed from the site and finding a new sponsorship deal looks to be utmost in the mob’s plans. The hearing into FTP’s license continues to roll on and any news that we have will be broken right here on the tablog.