Iceland Volcano Katla ready to kick some ash

Volcano Katla could be the next to blow
Sister's hotter and ready to blow
Uh-oh. Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the air, along come Mount Eyjafjallajökull’s bigger, badder, altogether angrier sister to let off some steam of her own. According to boffins at London University, Iceland’s Mount Katla is getting stressed, beginning to grumble and is about to blow her top. Given that all three known eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull have triggered subsequent Katla eruptions, which have been significantly more violent, the omens don’t look good – unless of course you’ve backed Paddy Power’s ‘Katla to be the next volcano to erupt with a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 3 or greater’ market. Read more.