King Of NBA Betting

bodog-basketball-girlThere’s so many superstars in the NBA today that you’d be hard pressed to pick one that deserves the crown, but indeed there is one king that has been dominating both on the court and in the sportsbooks. While D-Wade, Kevin Durant, Carmello Anthony and Kobe Bryant are all doing their thang, there is one man, and I use that term subjectively, as he may be more than a mere mortal, who simply is in a league of his own right now. Fittingly, the crown belongs to the king, Lebron James.

It’s a sentiment that Celtics and Kobe Bryant fans don’t want to hear, but the books don’t lie, Lebron James is the best player in the NBA and king of all NBA betting. Not only is Lebron James dominating the NBA betting but his Cleveland Cavaliers have also become the popular choice for bettors, no doubt due to Lebron’s stellar play which the team has rallied around. NBA bettors and NBA fans haven’t seen these types of numbers and this type of dominance since a guy by the name of Michael Jordan lit the league on fire. Lebron James is damn near averaging a triple double at 29 ppg 8.5 apg and 7.1 rpg, and his team which sports a clean record of 44-14 is not only the best team in the NBA, but also the best team in NBA betting.

The Cavs not only sport the league’s best home record but they also have the best road record. What was once basically a one man show on the Cleveland Cavaliers has now become a complete team effort. Shaq and the supporting cast are playing well, and the addition of Antwan Jamison, picked up on the trade deadline should only make the Cavs a more well rounded team once he gets used to system. People forget, Antwan Jamison is a former allstar, capable of putting up 20 points per game in an instant. Cleveland currently sits at 152-122-3 against the spread for the season and even though the team has experienced a recent slump, it’s a good bet that they’ll get back to their winning ways in a hurry.

As for the King, well Lebron has pretty much locked up his 2nd consecutive NBA MVP season. There were those who felt that Cleveland wasn’t big enough for the NBA’s hottest star, and many believed he would be leaving Cleveland at this end of this season. While the future home of Lebron James’s playing career still remains to be seen, one thing for sure is that Cleveland’s GM Danny Ferry has certainly done everything in his power to provide a winning kingdom for Lebron. The Cavs are poised to make a long playoff run and compete for the NBA championship, which is all any superstar can ask from his team and his GM. So if in fact Lebron does leave Cleveland at the end of this season, it will literally be for greener pastures, as in money green. Frankly, who can blame the guy, everyone else is making millions of him, shouldn’t he get a bigger slice of the pie. It’s not like playing in the NBA is all about winning, is it?