25th September 2017  

After five years of being under the radar, Online Gaming and Bitcoin entrepreneur Calvin Ayre grants his first sit-down interview with Becky Liggero on CalvinAyre.com.

In this interview, Mr. Ayre said that he has been busy with his investments on the cryptocurrency scene and revealed that he still have more projects down the pike.

He then touted the benefits of using Bitcoin Cash. Asked on why he thinks Bitcoin Cash is special, Mr. Ayre said: “Myself and a lot of other people as well that I’m working with in the industry believe that massive on-chain scaling and the subsequent low transaction fees that we believe will come out of [BCH] is what’s going to drive the crypto-currency movement. “

With his recent appointment as an economic envoy for Bitcoin and Online Gaming by the Antiguan government, Mr. Ayre went to London to talk with the Antiguan High Commissioner to set meetings with individuals who are into bitcoin and online gaming.

The island nation of Antigua and Barbuda holds a special place in Mr. Ayre’s heart and with the onslaught of hurricane Irma on the island, he appealed to his friends to donate so that rehabilitation efforts can be funded.

To know more about this interview, watch it on YouTube and read it on CalvinAyre.com.

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