12 September 2016, Monday
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Report: UK gov't to review FOBT, betting adverts
Peter Amsel
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The Daily Mail claims the UK government will announce a review of fixed odds betting terminals and betting sites' TV advertising. 1. UK gov't rejects bid to reduce FOBT maximum stakes
2. Uk bookies slam The Times' anti-FOBT drug scare
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MasterCard faces $19B lawsuit in UK
Jasmine Solana
British customers of MasterCard are going after the financial services corporation over charging illegally high fees on store transactions.
LVS not letting go of S.Korea resort dream
Jasmine Solana
Sheldon Adelson’s group is pressing on with its plan of building a casino resort—one that will allow locals in—in South Korea.
Esfandiari 888Live; One Drop News; Forrest Trial​
Lee Davy
An appearance at an 888Live Festival event for Antonio Esfandiari; One Drop side events news, and Ted Forrest legal wrangle update.
Mitsuya: Gambling knows no ethnicity
Mitsuya Fujimoto of Ganapati shares How the technology in Japan will fit in the European Market towards gambling market.
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Press Release
6 Reasons to Attend Live Gaming Summit
We offer you six solid reasons to attend the upcoming Live Gaming Summit on 27 September, 2016, in Barcelona.
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