South Africa Gaming Show & Conference (SAGAS) 2011

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2011 South Africa Gaming Show & Conference

The South Africa Gaming Show & Conference (SAGAS) will kick off in beautiful Johannesburg on June 16-17 2011. Athos Paulos and Elizabeth Leiva, the creators behind SAGAS, have teamed together once again to put together this extraordinary event.

Together this dynamic duo has all the tools to make the 2011 SAGAS a huge success. Elizabeth’s experience in trade shows and Athos’s knowledge of the South African market and their combined international gaming contacts is the perfect formula to launch a new Conference and Exhibition in one of the greatest gaming jurisdictions of the world.

South Africa has moved from chaos to order and it is now a new reference point for other gambling jurisdictions. South Africa continues to focus on stability. With eight operating groups, political responsibility, responsible gambling commitment and a strong stance against illegal gambling, all gaming areas have exhibited great improvements.

Chris Paulos, General Manager of the South Africa Gaming Show believes “For the first time we will provide African gaming a complete gaming Convention, counting with the support of the most important brands of the world. 34 casinos regulated by the National Gambling Board and nine gaming jurisdictions have marked a global benchmark, specifically on how to unite and legalize the different gaming lines. The South African gaming industry has more things to teach the gaming market and the SAGAS is the perfect forum.

The South Africa Gaming Show will be held at the Emperors Palace and will have the logistics support of Peermont Hotels and local companies as Complete Exhibitions, as well as important manufacturers that are being invited. It’s a great opportunity for the industry, and the creators of SAGAS are expecting to have a great worldwide response, that will serve to have the South Africa Gaming Show will etch its mark in the international gaming calendar.