SBR Bash Costa Rica

SBR Bash 2011 - Costa Rica

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Costa Rican SBR Bash

It’s that time of the year where the drinks are flowing, the music is blasting and the girls are dancing, the only problem finding exactly where all of that drinking and carrying on is going down. That’s where we come in. This year you won’t want to miss the sponsored event Sportsbook Review’s (SBR) Bash in Costa Rica taking place 19-20 August 2011.

If last year was any indication of how awesome the SBR Bash will be, everyone in attendance this year is for a real treat. Last year was a great time enjoyed by all, the celebration included an open bar, fantastic mingling with SBR posters, great food and even a ventriloquist.

This year you can expect the standard to be ratcheted up a notch with as media partners, and you can also expect copious amounts of fun entertainment, free food & drinks, girls, and more girls at the SBR Bash in Costa Rica!

It all starts Friday night’s Icebreaker Party August 19th at the Costa Rica Marriott San Jose by the Airport, which will be featuring singer Tamala Hedstrom to kick off the festivities. When Friday night ends, is as always entirely up to forces of drinking and carrying on.

Saturday picks up right where Friday left off with first a tour of SBR’s headquarters before a BBQ and a party bus to the Los Suenos Marriot Ocean & Golf Resort where we’ll be setting it off for real with a buffet dinner and entertaining comedian Geno Biscante.

Attendees will be able to get their ‘gambling on’ at the $5,000 Texas Hold’em Poker Tourney and then get their ‘drinking on’ at the open bar, it almost goes without saying that there will be carryin on well into the evening and following morning.

As always, the tablog team will be on hand to cover anything and everything that goes down and of course, to issue the all important and honorable DAF Award. You know how we do it.

Don’t miss out on this great event, register now!

SBR will reimburse travel expenses (up to $300 US) for the first 50 qualified SBR Pro posters who joined the forum by January 1st, 2011 and have achieved a minimum post count of 250 posts at the time of the bash registration.