Scandinavian Affiliate Super Summit Cocktail Reception


It was well hot at this venue but that wasn’t the only reason our female reporter’s glasses started steaming up. Rebecca got all hot and bothered over all the Scandinavians milling around at the cocktail reception. The Ayre Heads, the only ladies present apart from Becs herself, also went down very well and although the cocktail reception was nothing to write home about it did get the SASS lot together – so a big VIP table party was arranged for late doors.

About 30 or so pissheads then moved on to a nearby nightclub where bubbly was on tap. Details about what the club was called or who paid for the drinks remain hazy. All Becky and the Ayre Heads can remember is the drunk Swedes they were consorting, I mean, conversing with until the small hours. If I was her I’d double check her credit card bill – and the net for video stills.

Check out the Pictures, Video and DAF award from the SASS Opening Night Drinks sponsored by Bet 24.