Opening Party at the Budapest Affiliate Conference


The opening party at an iGaming conference always goes down like a trainee nurse on freshers’ week. Everyone is up for it despite the next day’s early morning conference. My spies tell me everyone got hammered and stayed out until 3am. Good work.

The Expekt opening party gets the nod as the best official BAC-sponsored bash of the whole conference. Big name poker pro Scotty Nguyen was suitably hammered, jumping around on stage like Jedward on speed and stuffing cake in people’s faces as they walked by. Rebecca tells me everyone got a taste of Scotty that night – you can own conclusions about what that means…

The Expekt crew also sorted a VIP area for their affiliates and iGaming mates which was a nice touch. Everyone likes a sealed off area, where they can look down on the minions while downing free booze and chatting up fit women. Can’t beat exclusivity.

Another sign of a good shindig is when people hang around after the open bar has closed. Normally everyone nick offs the second they have to put their hand in their pocket, but the Creol Bar was still heaving until everyone got their marching orders.

The big outdoor patio right in front of the club entrance was also a party winner. On a nice night in a great city, pissheads always like to hang around outside, having a fag and talking bollocks.

Check out the Pictures, Video and DAF award from the Expekt Party at the Budapest Affiliate Conference.