Jalouse unofficial afterparty for London Affiliate Conference


Ah lovely, jubbly. It was a case of deja-vu back at Jalouse as the igaming crew took over a good size of the entire club for the second time in a week. Countless bottles of vodka and champagne were flowing as the place filled out with the CardsChat.com team, Pokerisivut.com, iGaming Business, CAP, PKR, and loads of other industry characters like Laurent Malka, James Arnold, and numerous other affiliate big-wigs.

Becky arrived at around 2am only to be told by the bouncers that the place was full up and that not one more person would be allowed in – and that was final! Her attempts to name-drop just made her look like even more desperate than normal and the use of reason (“Look, I’m on guest list”) (“Look I’ve got a table”) didn’t wash. Which is ironic, really, because neither did the bouncers. Thankfully for Becky, a white knight appeared in the form of Kieran, who had arranged the tables in the first place, and came to the rescue after receiving her SOS by text. By all accounts, it was worth the hassle too even if she did eventually have to do a runner in the end to a club round the corner to escape the greasy paws of a couple of affiliate lads. By all accounts, they were shameless, but for now will remain nameless…

Check out the Pictures and DAF award from the Jalouse unofficial afterparty for London Affiliate Conference.