Intertops Dinner and iGB Super Show Hard Rock Party

As per usual, Intertops put together an exquisite dinner for friends, affiliates, and business partners which I was delighted to attend and even more delighted when I scored an intimate seat right next to Michael Caselli for the entire meal. Several glasses of wine and a double espresso later, half of the group headed to a private poker club to play some poker and other half of the group, myself included, headed to the Hard Rock Café for the Official Day 1 Conference Party.

First off, a HUGE shout out to iGaming Business for picking up the entire booze bill for this party which took over the entire Hard Rock Café venue in Prague, the largest Hard Rock in Europe. All three floors were full of conference attendees who pretty much stuck around all night even though the bartenders were kind of slow and the heat was on full blast, I swear to god, but the company was top-notch and the drinks were free, so everyone had a blast.

Second off, I drank water the entire time and now have a much clearer understanding of how ridiculously drunk our entire industry is capable of getting on a nightly basis. When I first arrived around 10, I had a wine buzz going and the others were just getting started, but by the time I left around 2am people were absent mindedly spitting on me during conversations and I was THE only sober one in the place. Not to mention I was getting harassed for drinking water, and I mean HARASSED, so next time I’m hiding the water in a paper bagged bottle of vodka, launch party style.

Oh, and speaking of which, don’t you worry, I’m not getting soft on you- I’m still a total booze bag. My refusal of boozing at the Hard Rock was simply due to my unacceptable and unbelievable hangover due to the launch party which happened the night before. Ya, I’ll be back on it tomorrow.

Checkout the PICTURES and DAF award from this Intertops Dinner and Official Conference Party.